When and Where?

Date: February 16- 24th 2019

Location: Railay Beach, Thailand

Get ready for a new adventure!!! Join up with new and old friends as we take that long flight out to our most exotic destination yet! Thailand! We will train in a dedicated aerial studio and out in nature on dedicated climbing courses. Imagine learning new aerial skills in the safety of a studio, and then taking your skills out to beautiful beach locations. Climbers will experience what true climbing paradise is over the tranquil waters of Railay Beach as they travel up the natural caves and cliffs overlooking the peninsula. 

How Much Does It cost?

Returning Guests Discount

Have you experienced a Dances In Air retreat and want some more?!

$2100 is the special discount price for returning guests with your deposit of $350 (non-refundable).


$2400 November-January - Tier 3 rate.

Pricing is for two guests per room, solo rooms are available for surcharge.

Bring a Friend Discount

Have a friend that’s interested in the adventure too?                    

$2100 with yours and a friends deposit of $350 (non-refundable) you’ll both

enjoy the Early Bird discount and have an opportunity to room together.

Price Includes

Most everything but airfare!

  • Comfortable transport to and from Phuket or Krabi Airport

  • Gorgeous, Comfortable Jungle Accommodations (2 people per room)

  • Aerial classes in dedicated aerial outdoor studio (Beginner to Expert)

  • Experienced climbing instruction and personal climbing guides (Beginner to Expert)

  • Special authentic Thai cooking class

  • Yoga workshops

  • Act/Performance workshop

  • Professional Photography of your experience

  • Transport to all group activities (Authentic long boats, speed boats and ferries)

  • Unforgettable Excursions (Possibilities include: Elephant Preserve, Coral Reef Snorkeling, night time Paddle Boarding, Jungle hikes, Island Hopping and much more)

  • Relaxing Beach time in paradise.

  • Breakfasts with vegan and vegetarian options.


Cost does NOT include..

  • Travelers Insurance. Too cheap not to get. Check out the FAQ page for more info.

  • Climbing gear! Bring it if you got it.

  • Delicious Meals and Snacks available almost all the time. You’ll cover your own lunches and dinners daily. (local price is $5-10/meal)

  • Amazing local Thai Massage services are available everywhere! (local price is $5-10)

  • Excursions and Travel costs not supervised through Dances in Air (personal adventures)

  • All recommend Vaccinations, Medicines and Personal health items you are responsible for.

  • Alcohol and souvenirs are on you!

(local price for:  Water $1 Beer is $1-3   Alcoholic drink $3-7 Bottle $5-15   Coconut $5)

How Do I Sign Up?

Send a $350 deposit or pay in full to info@dancesinair.com (paypal as a friend if you can, check, or venmo also available)


Pay by checks: Send $350 deposit to Dances In Air plus any number of payments to make up the balance.


Paypal: Same deposit and balances, please try to avoid fees

Venmo: to @dancesinair


Payment plan: Deposit $350 plus any number of payments to make up the balance.

Where Is It?

Railay Beach also known as Railey beach or even Rai Leh beach, is located in the South of Thailand. 

Krabi’s fairytale limestone formations come to a dramatic climax at Railay, the ultimate gym for rock-climbing fanatics. Monkeys frolic alongside climbers on the gorgeous crags, while down below some of the prettiest beaches in all Thailand are backed by proper jungle.


Thailand is a beautiful country with a fascinating history and culture. Thailand’s national slogan “The Land of Smiles” is no joke. Thai people and culture are warm, helpful, friendly to foreigners and almost too accommodating. With only a few Thai words and phrases helpful to travel and a few rules of the road to follow, adventuring in Thailand can be an epic experience you’ll never forget. A delight for all the senses. 

Our adventures will be happening during Thailand’s dry season. But don’t be fooled, the South Thailand/Krabi area can still be a hot and humid day. In Thailand, DRY really means less rains than usual. If you enjoy a mildly hot, humid day in the southeast, you’ll be very comfortable. If you enjoy a drier or colder atmosphere, plan accordingly and expect the sweat. It’s good for you! 

            Food and eating in Thailand can be a dream come true. World renowned, Thai food is unbelievably delicious and varied. From a whole fried fish with Thai chili sauce, to the countries sweet and spicy tofu Pad Thai noodle dish you can get anywhere, the foods and meals you can experience could be a retreat to itself. Always fresh, with a big lean toward vegetables, fruits, rice and seafood, Thai cuisine can be a vegetarian's delight as well as for a meat lover. 

Eating In Thailand

Always fresh, with a big lean toward vegetables, fruits, rice and seafood, Thai cuisine can be a vegetarian's delight as well as meat lover’s. But word to the wise, ALL drinking or cooking water should be from a sealed bottle. Never drink the “tap” water in Thailand. Which brings us to the inevitable...

Depending on your stomach constitution, most new visitors to Thailand will fall victim to “Thai Tummy” or “Bangkok belly”. This very common travelers diarrhea will usually have someone sick for a day or two. In our experience, we recommend a 4 part medicinal approach. Even though these meds are available almost everywhere in Thailand, you’ll want to have brought your own and have them ready.

(1) Antibiotics (2) Anti-Vomit medication (3) Anti-Diarrhea medication (4) Sleeping medication. In our experience, better to sleep through it.

All medication should be procured BEFORE leaving the country.


For more information on Food and Water Safety check out these helpful LINKS:

How Do I get There?

How to get there:

Once you put in a deposit, You can consult with the Dances In AIr travel liaisons to help you understand your flights and travel. There are direct flights and also stops in dreamy places on the way. It’s a long way to Thailand! We want to help you get the best deals and share what you find as well. The final destination address for our resort, Tonsai Bay is 18 Moo. 2 Aonang Muang Krabi 81000


There are a couple ways to get to Railay Beach/ Tonsai Bay resort:


1- Start by flying to Phuket airport, then take a taxi to ferry to Railay. (recommended) WE RECOMMEND THAT YOU FLY INTO PHUKET IN TIME TO CATCH AN 8:30 AM FERRY ON FEBRUARY 16th. This may require you to Fly in the night before and get a hotel (possible for less than $50). The ferry is 2 hours and beautifully relaxing. If you are taking the ferry back, allow for the schedule to put you on the only ferry that day from 3:15-5:15 with a taxi afterward, flying out after 8:30pm at night or the next day.


In February, there are ferries operated by Aonang Travel Company which depart from/arrive at Railay/Tonsai bay EVERY DAY. Inform them when you buy ticket that you are coming to TONSAI BAY. (There are 3 destinations which are Phi Phi Island, Phuket and Koh Lanta.) On arrival, the ferry will arrive in front of Railay west and there will be a free long tail boat transfers you to Tonsai Bay (price already included in the ferry ticket). On departure, they will pick you up from Tonsai bay. The ferry from Tonsai bay/ Railay to Phuket is only at 3:15pm, arriving at 5:15pm You can check the ferry schedule at their website at https://www.aonangtravel.co.th/en

Phuket to Railay is at 8:30 am only. You should arrive by 8 am to catch the ferry.


From Railay to Phuket:

Ferry 3:15pm arrival at 5:15pm Book flights for after 8:30pm


There are other ways to go to and from Phuket to Tonsai Bay: (but they are longer)


Public Longtail Boat







LONGTAIL BOAT FROM TONSAI BAY      RAILAY WEST (price is charge per way not per person)









Long Tailed boat + Van 8 am arrives11:30 am

Long Tailed boat + Van 10 am arrives 2:30 pm


Speed Boat 10:30 am arrives 11:45 am

Speed Boat 1:40 pm arrives 2:55 pm


Private longtail boat








700 BAHT PER WAY (max of 4 persons)




800 BAHT PER WAY (max of 4 persons)





And you can also fly into other airports to get to Krabi (but you will do this on your own)


Start by flying into Bangkok first and then Krabi Airport


-When you get to Krabi Airport, you take the shuttle to the pier or Ao Nang beach for a long boat taxi to Railay.


Major Cities to fly into:


Bangkok (Capital, Sightseeing) - Must continue to HKT or KBV.

  • Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK)

  • Don Mueang International Airport (DMK)


Phuket (Sightseeing, Beach, Aerial)

  • Phuket International Airport (HKT)

  • Taxi to Phuket Ferry, Rassada Pier

  • Ferry to Railay Beach (2hrs)


Krabi (Airport)

  • Krabi Airport (KBV)

  • Shuttle to Ao Nang Beach or Ao Nammao pier (Krabi)


Ao Nang Beach (Coast City)

  • Long boat Taxis to Railay Beach


Ao Nammao Pier (Krabi Side)

  • Long boat Taxis to Railay Beach


Railay Beach (Beach)

  • Long boat Taxis

  • Ferry and speedboat to excursions.


​From Krabi airport or Krabi Town, you may take Taxi or shuttle bus to AO NANG BEACH. We recommend that you buy the bus or taxi ticket inside the airport. (To avoid any scam)

Then you may take the public long tail boat to TONSAI BAY by yourself. There are two Public Boat station in Ao Nang area. One is at Wangsai seafood restaurant. Ticket office is at the restaurant’s parking area. Another boat station is located next to the right of Phanang Inn hotel (if you are facing the hotel). You can choose either one of them. The ticket per person is 100 baht. They will depart when the passenger is accumulated to 8 persons.


Inform them that you want to go to TONSAI BAY. If it is high tide, the boat may directly drop you in front of our resort. At low tide the boat will drop you at the canal on the left corner of the beach and you may have to walk along the beach to our resort as we are located on the right corner of the beach Or you can call 075-819821 so we can send the golf cart to pick you up.



When Do I get There?



When to get there:

Arrive in the daylight hours (before 6:30 pm if possible) on February 16th and depart from the resort at checkout time on February 24th.​

Vaccines and Travel Insurance

Even though our adventures are limited in time frame, the US Health dept. highly recommends and we require you to fulfill ALL NECESSARY VACCINES. Ideally you should organise all this about 4-6 weeks before departure. www.passporthealthusa.com is a reputable, but not cheap, vendor we’ve used in the past with good flexibility.

All routine childhood vaccines need to be up to date, including:

  • Polio – in childhood

  • Tetanus/Diphtheria/Whooping Cough – within last 5-10 years

  • Measles Mumps Rubella Chickenpox – two doses of vaccine or the actual disease

  • Hepatitis B – complete course

  • Meningococcal – if relevant for age

  • All travellers should seriously consider having influenza vaccine. (30 years of age and over)

  • Shingles and Pneumonia vaccines are recommended for travellers over 65 years of age.

Extra vaccines and preventions for Thailand:

  • You are strongly recommended to have Hepatitis A vaccine.

  • You may also need Typhoid vaccination especially if you wish to eat food from places where the sanitation is poor especially from markets or street stalls.

  • Monkey’s and other native animals you might come in contact are all possible carriers of Rabies. Rabies pre exposure vaccination may be recommended for some travellers.

  • Mosquito avoidance must be practiced diligently as there are other diseases such as Dengue that are reasonably common and very unpleasant. Malaria prevention tablets may be recommended.

  • Carry an appropriate medical kit with treatment for possible problems such as gastro, pain, wounds, coughs and colds etc.

Travel Insurance:

Thailand is a “Play at your own risk” country. This freedom must be backed up with insurance. Travel Insurance is highly recommended and can be purchased through many reputable companies.

We’ve used these with good experiences:

Meet the Trainers!

Amber Monson (Founder of The Sky Gym) and Melissa Coffey (Founder of Dances In Air) have teamed up as teachers and performers to teach The Dances In Air Aerial Dance retreats for many years now! They have experience with the specifics of traveling and training in the tropical climates. Melissa and Amber specialize in aerial silks, static and dance trapeze, and partnering on all apparatuses, as well as aerial yoga, mat yoga, Thai massage, act development, and authentic expression. 

Brandon Ross became our partner in paradise on our last retreat, telling us all about Thailand and scouting the country for months for the best climbing and aerial options. He is an avid climber and teacher, as well as a juggler, musician, puppet maker, photographer, and performer. 

Well Appointed Jungle Accommodations

Two beds are in all shared rooms, and private rooms are available upon request for a surcharge. Rooms include seating areas, private bathrooms, and more.

What level should I be for Aerial and Climbing?

Prerequisites for Aerial Workshops:

Dances In Air can accommodate any level in silks and trapeze. However, you may get more out of your class time if you are not a total beginner. We often suggest 6 classes ahead of time.

We will always have two ACE certified teachers per class of 10-15 students and use ACE teacher guidelines of ratios of people in the air.

Generally, that means beginners get one teacher while intermediate/ advanced gets one teacher. If there is an imbalance, we will have another teacher assist. We survey students and have phone conversations with them to understand their goals and tailor our workshops that we have developed for their abilities and interests. There is always vocabulary, sequencing, creative expression, and theory. Melissa and Amber have taught a number of successful performers and teachers, as well as many beginners and intermediate students. As professional teachers and performers, it is our goal to give you the very best of our selves in this retreat, and some unique material and experiences that you will carry with you as skill and inspiration for many years. We will of course, have times when we rig in beautiful outdoor locations with professional photographers so you can show off some of those skills to the world.

Prerequisites for Rock Climbing Workshops:

  • 18+ Years of Age

  • Rock climbing experience - Min. 5.7(5a) grade (Indoor or Outdoor)

  • Belay experience (Top-rope or Lead Belay)

  • Able to tie “Figure 8” knot

  • Able to demonstrate safe and competent climbing and belay abilities.

  • Fulfill recommend local climbing GYM time to complete experience requirements.

Pack for a Beautiful Adventure!

Pack your bags for a great time doing all the things you love! Pack light and bright, for a sunny time, for aerial training, and to look fabulous while you lounge by the pool and make new friends. 

Make sure you have your passport, a flashlight, a few swimsuits, some flip flops, sun and bug spray, great walking shoes, yoga/ aerial clothes, and a camera/ note taking material for class.

What to pack:


Pack light, pack easy favorites, but pack what you want to be photographed in!


  • Your US Passport (30 day Visa given on entry)

  • Two or more swimsuits  

  • Aerial clothing for up to 6 days of classes (it is very important to cover more in tropical environments because of burns and heat. Make sure leggings are 4” below the knee and shirts are tight, long , and protective or wear leotards/ unitards) also trap boots/ protection.  (make sure you want to be photographed in a couple of them!)

  • Yoga clothes and climbing clothes for up to 6 days (make sure you want to be photographed in a couple of them!)

  • Clothing for dinners/ rambling around/ excursions/ poolside glamour

  • Grip aid for aerials

  • Specific first aid for aerials (biafine, tegaderm)

  • Climbing gear (see list)

  • Sunglasses

  • Sun hat

  • Hand fan (we are that southern!)

  • Bandanna/ scarf for cooling/ protection

  • Umbrella for the sun

  • Beach/ water shoes

  • Travel shoes (light and comfortable)

  • Sunblock and bug spray

  • An appropriate medical kit with treatment for possible problems such as gastro, pain, wounds, coughs and colds etc.

  • Device and notebook for classes and note taking

  • Headlamp/ flashlight

  • Water bottle

  • Small bag to carry things in to the beach / class

Required Climbing Equipment:

We will  rent climbing equipment unless you have your own. Here is the pack list:

  • Harness

  • Belay device w/ Biner

  • Climbing Shoes

  • Chalk Bag w/ Chalk

  • Daisy chain or Backup strap/webbing

Optional equipment: (Rent and Purchase available on location)

  • Quick-draws (6 min.)

  • Climbing Rope 60m

  • Rap Gloves

  • Belay glasses

  • Climbing Helmet

  • Bail Carabiner

  • Backpack

  • Water shoes/sandals

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