Sunday March 15- Sunday March 22, 2020

What is THRIVE!?

 THRIVE! Consists of 5 days of serene jungle and ocean surroundings with classes and community building, then a party day and night in the city of San Jose where we partake in curated queer nightlife!  (total 7 days- March 15, 2020- March 22, 2020)

Centering on using our bodies as a means to discover and express our deepest selves, THRIVE! will guide participants to experiment with movement in a supportive and light-hearted atmosphere to

  • REALIZE our power as individuals, as well as LGBTQIA community,

  • DREAM our potential beyond the normative narratives and life paths,

  • FIND true meaning and authentic expression without revolving arounnd or responding to normative culture,

  • DISCOVER our own rituals that serve our chosen families and personal lives, and

  • ACCESS flow states and creativity in any circumstance.


Together, we will examine ourselves among the beauty of the jungle, tuning into nature as her beauty brings out our inner truths to discover how we can live out loud fearlessly and remove our own roadblocks to catalyze our own success.


Who is it for?

THRIVE! is a wellness retreat for LGBTQIA people and allies to come together to revive, refocus, and get re-inspired to THRIVE! in our everyday lives.

THRIVE! is the second retreat hosted by the duo Melissa Coffey and Patrick Joseph Boston. It was started last year with BLOOM! On a small victorian farm and garden space in Georgia. This year, artist Dino Real will join us in his native land as travel to Costa Rica’s Pacific coast to Airborne Arts, a dreamy retreat center in the Diamante Valley. 

How much does it cost?

Early Bird, pricing is $1750 Until October 1 2019.

Veteran or bring a friend pricing is $1650

Regular price is $1850

Sign me up!

Secure your spot by sending $350 deposit to Dances In Air -noting "Thrive" with your payment.


You can make payments until 1 month before the retreat unless otherwise agreed upon.

Payment is best in cash, check, Venmo, or Cash App.$DancesInAir

Venmo @dancesinair


or make checks payable to Dances In Air and send to 3505 Old Ivy Lane NE Atlanta, GA 30342

Got questions? Feel Free to call, text, or email:




The accommodations at Airborne Arts are designed to create community. They are usually 2-5 persons to a shared room.

This retreat is an opportunity to visit one of Costa Rica’s most beautiful areas. Immerse yourself in nature while making new friends by staying at Airborne Arts.

There are several accommodation types:

Aerial studio guest dorm

(sleeps 1-5)

This room overlooks breathtaking views of waterfalls and valley. Awaken to the sound of birds singing and howler monkeys chit chatting, all while maintaining comfort and privacy . Includes a bathroom with shower.

Avalon Guest Room

(sleeps 1-5)

This room has an extra large sliding glass door overlooking a magnificent view of the Baru Valley and Manuel Antonio. It comes with it's own separate custom designed bathroom that gives you the feel of showering in a rainforest.

Lotus Belle Glamping Tents 

(3 tents sleep up to 3 each)

These tents are spacious, airy and oh, so beautiful. Comes with a separate bathroom. For an even more natural experience.

Click image for more info and images

How do I get there?

Airfare is not included.

You will fly into SJO by 10am on March 15, 2020. We will scoop you up from the airport and bring you all the way to Airborne Arts!

On March 20, we will leave Airborne Arts and make our way back to San Jose to Fauna Luxury Hostel for 2 nights of queer experiences in San Jose!


You will be returned to the airport on March 22, please get airfare for after 4pm.

If this doesn’t align with flights, I suggest you stay overnight: (in fact this makes travel days more restful)


-Fauna luxury hostel (an uber away from the airport) for about $12-25/ room 


-Hotel los volcanes also comes recommended at  $52/room (closer to airport)




-Stay next to SJO with a free shuttle ride for about $85/ room.

If you have questions, feel free to contact Melissa at

What is the schedule like?

Dates:  (total 7 days) March 15, 2020- March 22, 2020

THRIVE! Consists of 5 days of serene jungle and ocean surroundings with classes and community building, then a party day and night in the city of San Jose where we partake in curated queer nightlife!  

Our offerings will be immersed in lush sceneries of waterfalls and private beaches and include:

  • Guided journaling and discussions

  • Deep stretch yoga, power yoga, and meditations

  • Aerial yoga, aerial classes, and optional flying trapeze workshops

  • Playtime with art therapy, drag, dance, and ritual


Teacher: Patrick Joseph Boston

Patrick Joseph Boston / PJB / Patricia / Trish (he/she/they)


PJB began their health and wellness journey at the ripe age of 19 when they took a giant step towards authentic living by “coming out” to friends and family. Inspired by their summer biology class (of all things), they adopted a healthier diet, moved their body five times a week and eventually joined a fitness group offered by their university. In six month’s time, Trish shed 100 pounds, but still held on to two decades of baggage.


Moving to Berlin, Germany in 2016 and finding Forrest Yoga, PJB started a transformational, deep-healing process. With more confidence, zest and a healthier head-space, she FINALLY ripped off the band-aid and enrolled in 200-hour Baptiste yoga teacher training at Dancing Dogs Yoga.


With a new set of tools on her belt, Trish is honored and humbled to facilitate others in their own physical, mental and spiritual healing as she deepens her own practice and continues this life-long journey of learning and unlearning.


PJB founded Queer Yoga in Atlanta in 2018 as a place for queer people and allies to gather in sober, daytime spaces. Queer Yoga is yoga for everybody, meaning every body. ALL humans of ALL shapes, sizes, colors, identities and abilities who are willing to contribute to a positive and uplifting community environment are welcome! Keep and eye out for Queer Yoga making it’s way to Chicago, Florida, and the Pacific Northwest soon!

Teacher: Melissa Coffey

Melissa Coffey/ Davey Swinton / Estrus (they)


Melissa Coffey has spent their life creating and learning techniques to create and communicate. They knew drawing and sewing before starting school, and their first job as a teen was as a strolling violinist. After college they became an apparel, costume, and lingerie designer. During this career, Melissa let that original love of stage and music flow into performance art, dance, then they ultimately found aerial dance. They are now performing on stages, in theaters, galleries, events, in film, and nightclubs much like the performers they costume.


As a performer, Melissa’s skills range from Silks, Trapeze, Lyra, Rope, Invented apparatus, and partnering on all, to fire eating, fire dance, fire whips, Bullwhips, stilts, roller skating, fan/ prop dancing, burlesque, drag, and partner dancing.  They enjoy the spotlight and a breathless audience that they are eager to connect with while digging deep into their own stories, lived experiences, and tells them with authentic movement.


As a trainer, Melissa loves to coach, choreograph, and give students tools to create as they see them grow into their abilities. Melissa views their training as having holistic approach and values both expression and demands intentionality with form, effort, and gesture. Melissa focuses on the unique stories each person has, and how people can express them with their body.

Melissa is ACE certified and has many teacher trainings.  Melissa specializes in trapeze, silk, partnering, authentic movement, choreography, act development, yoga, aerial yoga, and Thai massage. They teach recreational aerial students, as well as performers. They have taught people ages 4-76, and people with an array of abilities and those who are non-neurotypical or differently abled. All bodies, all abilities is centered in their work.  Melissa published the first trapeze teaching dvd, and now hosts retreats around the world.


Teacher: Dino Real



Dino Real is a multidisciplinary artist born and raised in Costa Rica. He graduated from the

Maryland Institute College of Art in 2012. In 2017 he got a postgraduate in Art for social inclusion from the University of Barcelona Dino has lived in Vancouver, Baltimore, New

Orleans and Barcelona. He has traveled extensively around North America and Europe and uses his travel-time

as a means to build community around the world.

Dino’s work is a bold combination of ritual + performance, costumes, installation and painting.

He is the creator of the performance troupe Cofradía Real (Krewe of Real) in Costa Rica!

His interests delve mostly in anything creative, esoteric and celebratory. This includes:

embodying self-created archetypes, making wearable art, activating indoor and outdoor

spaces, collaborating on editorial photo-shoots, organizing happenings at events and creating

parades. He is also passionate about reading the tarot and hosting fellow like-minds from

around the globe wherever he is based.

Dino currently lives in Costa Rica working and continues to collaborate with other contemporaries during his time here and his travels.


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